Dune Suspended Washbasin

The washbasin is a fundamental piece in the bathroom provides a more elegant appearance without losing functionality. This is precisely what Dune suspended washbasins offer.

The Dune washbasin has a minimalist design and a high quality finish where white dominates looking impressive and elegant. Although its shape design is rectangular, the Dune washbasin has rounded corners that prevent people from getting hurt.

Cosi Suspended Washbasin

The Cosi Washbasin is one of the best that can be used suspended, making it perfect for those who wish to have a unique and exclusive decoration in their home.

It is a washbasin that is divided into zones of equal size and separated by a piece in the central part, which adds an elegant touch and distinction. Currently these types of bathroom sinks are available in a beautiful smooth white finish, which means that they can be combined with virtually any type of decoration.

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