Essencial Shower Tray

The Essential Shower Tray can help you give an original and modern touch to your bathroom. It is perfect to use in a shower with glass or transparent screens since this way you can clearly see the design. It is a modern and elegant shower tray, available in a grey finish and with a grid in the middle that allows water to not accumulate.

Abalon Shower Tray

The Abalón shower tray is ideal for when you want to give your bathroom a completely modern and sophisticated look. 

It has a completely beautiful finish, making it perfect for those who want to have a spectacular shower. 

In its central part it has a grill  for water to drain.

Elite Shower Tray

This shower tray has been designed for those who want to give a change to the decoration of their bathroom without this meaning to subtract functionality. 

This shower tray has an elegant design and is also available in a finish that is complemented by any type of decoration in the bathroom.

Emmarcado Special Shower Tray

The special framed shower tray can be found in a wide range of shapes, designs and finishes, so they are certainly an excellent choice for when you want to give a radical change to the bathroom decor. 

Emmarcado Shower Tray

The framed shower tray has a modern and elegant design, designed for those who are looking to create a more sophisticated and modern environment in their bathroom. 

It stands out for having a rectangular shape with edges on each side, which prevents the water from draining and instead goes directly to the grill.
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