Andes Slate

 Andes is perfect for decorating your home. 

Both rooms and bedrooms create unique environments that make your house a personal place and with a different style.

This faux slate wall panel looks real and creates a wonderful backdrop to any home. It comes in three colours - Italian White, Anthracite and Marron.
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 Slate is a decorative panel that gives a touch of elegance, and has a wide range of colours and provides a modern twist and turn sober decoration.
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Laja Fina

 Laja Fina is a wall panel which resembles thin slivers of slate and comes in a variety of colours and variations.

It creates an element of spaciousness.
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Laja Gallega

Colours we choose for our new home have to be both attractive and elegant but also practical, and need to blend with our modern and functional decoration, no matter how big or small your home is.

Laja Gallega is the perfect choice to achieve that.
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Nepal Slate

This wall panel is a rustic design mixed with new colours.

 Nepal  Slate panel is a decorative panel that suits all  places.
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Montblanc Slate

If we want to bring a breath of fresh air to a home, office, restaurant, then one of our best options is the Montblanc Slate - an elegant choice to enhance our walls with decorative panels.

It comes in various colours and style variations.
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Alpes Slate

Alpes Slate is a whole combination of imagination and elegance for our walls available in a wide range of colours: sandblasted grey, anthracite, white and brown. 

Designed to fit all spaces and walls everywhere.
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Baztan Slate

The choice of an specific colour in relation to natural light might provide the feeling of spaciousness. 

White always gives breadth to the spaces, even in rustic settings. A good example is the Baztán stone panel, a nice and pleasant way to decorate our spaces and walls.
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