Ladrillo Old British Brick

If you are someone who wants your space to feel rustic, then this brick panel is for you.

British Old Brick is exactly as it says and comes in ochre or reddish tones, or try a more edgy feel with the old white.

Imitation brick decorative panels are unique. They have the advantage that you can get a wide range of finishes and colours, even appearance and sizes. 

Ladrillo Old British Brick is especially recommended for those homes with rustic decoration. This range  is capable of creating an old environment that can be perfectly combined  with modern furnishings.

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Ladrillo British Brick

Sometimes in bars, restaurants or offices we find brick walls painted either white  or kept more traditional with a natural rustic brick. 

The latter is a very trendy brick, which allows us to create a retro or vintage atmosphere to spaces through the walls. It presents itself in a wide range of colours too (white, red, etc).

English imitation brick decorative panel is perfect for those looking to create a warm and even folksy environment. It is ideal for combining with wood or any other decorative element. 

The advantage of decorating with British Brick stone panel is that all elements can be integrated to create a warm, sophisticated environment and is well combined that nobody notices the difference thanks to the natural completely realistic look it creates.  

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Urban Brick

If you are someone who loves retro, why not cover your walls based on the style of the 1950s?

This urban brick range, which when combined with accessories and colours of the time, gives you the perfect old environment but with an avant-garde look. 

This is a decorative imitation brick panel perfect for decorating a bathroom, the walls of a living room, library,  kitchen, and generally any place you want to have a different and attractive decor. 

These imitation brick panels not only stand out for their high quality finish but also for their durability and resistance. This means that you can install in your home and be certain that they will last for a long time without requiring much maintenance.

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Loft Brick

Ladrillo Loft Brick is a very old white brick but with a new look, which provides a minimalist and modern atmosphere. 

It is a decorative stone panel, which generates an attractive visual impact regardless of the area in which it is placed . The Loft Brick imitation panel is characterised by having a natural-looking finish in antique white but with a renewed appearance. 

Perfect for creating a minimalist environment, it allows you to decorate with a totally natural and realistic effect.

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Rustic Brick

Brick provides a really cosy or modern style depending on the colour you choose. 

Rustic Brick is a kind of imitation brick decorative panel that you can use to decorate the walls in your home and give it a much more attractive and of course different appearance. 

You can use Rustic Brick stone panels to decorate walls in your bathroom, your living room, corridors,  kitchen and practically anywhere you want to create a unique and exclusive style. 

Imitation brick panel is also ideal for the office, as well as for use in reception areas in hotels, shops and restaurants. Due to its characteristics and design they can be perfect for apartments where you want to recreate a traditional decor. 

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New Brick (Caravisto)

The New Brick panel is an up to date, dynamic and modern option to decorate walls. 

The white version is a trendy panel, which blends perfectly in any room with modern or vintage furniture. It provides an exclusive and unique look to any room you place it. 

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Old Brick (Veijo)

Veijo or Old Brick is a decorative panel that mimics old brick giving your home or office a fresh and modern style. 

The variety of colours makes this stone panel a perfect choice that adapts to every space and therefore it creates the environment we are looking for. 

The weathered old brick stone panel has a distinctive design and characteristics. It is ideal for creating a much more traditional and rustic deco where walls are the highlight.

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Adobe Brick

Adobe is a decorative panel with very defined thicknesses that imitate a classic brick, very appropriate if we want to create warm environment. 

The aged red tone is ideal for a fireplace or aged white for creating contemporary classic environments. 

Imitation Brick Panels to decorate walls are an excellent solution in order to change the style of decoration in our home. Colours and shades are perfect, even those lines that are not straight on the bricks can be clearly seen giving it a unique effect of a traditional brick wall.

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Paint Your Own Brick

Paint Your Own Brick range is Dreamwall's flagship product.

It was designed in-house and manufactured in 2003. It was inspired by the many factory and mill conversions around the UK.

Once installed the product perfectly mimics the charm of a weather beaten rustic brick but without the mess. 

It's also very easy to paint and can be installed in domestic or commercial dwellings. 

Paint Your Own Brick has been used by many high profile clients in shops, restaurants, offices and TV studios.

It's low cost and lightweight making it easy to install yourself. Sold in packs of 5 or 10 sections. 
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